99% Kills

*his imp be killed by a marine

Sharpening is way too strong. I’m a fan of hyperdetail but that’s just way too far. It fucks up the white balance.

what are you talking about lol

that revenant has been painted on/over or something, not sharpened

Maybe he’s referring to sharpening after film grain/noise added?

Fucking beautiful

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also sad react only

this got featured on the DOOM facebook page

what bothers me a bit is the weird balance of blacks. they’re rather grey elsewhere, but very deep under the cradled imp.

i fucked up the AO and got lazy in post-processing

lmao what the fuck

the shitposting rises with the revenant, i like it

I mistook it for sharpening, shrug. I don’t think it looks that good though. It’s overly detailed by my tastes. I know DO4M has in-game sharpen filters but they don’t look as strong as this. It’s a taste thing, not an objective thing.