99% Off Sale [XenonServers.com]


99% off of everything for the first month. Haven’t used us yet? Didn’t work out last time? Want another server? Give us a try.

Coupon: PuPuf


Applies to new signups only. One use per client. Does not apply to voice servers.

Welcome to our new home in Kansas City, Missouri.


Also, please welcome us to our new United States Corporate office. Still a work in progress though.

Thanks for telling us, I’ve always wanted to give XS a try

I got hard just by starring at those pics :fappery:

Coupon code “iizihwpmoc” was the bomb.

We upgraded the bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:


Might want to fix that.

Oh man, when are you guys gonna be available in Europe?

True, I live far far away from Dallas.

99% off? Holy shit…

It’s in the works, don’t worry. :wink:

Just keep checking back. I’m sure they’ll be another thread in the near future.

So a 50 slot server for 25 cents the first month… Oh my god, How long does this sale go for?

It’s up to our discretion, so it could be a couple hours or a couple days. Better buy now then!

Well, i’ll have to be till tomorrow, Can you talk to me on steam ~ Thomashoffman


Shit, Paypal is slow! No money fo about a week =O

I added the code for a website but it didn’t do anything

It’s working for me. Did you have it on a monthly billing cycle?

yearly, didn’t know it was only monthly

Your new logo looks loads better than the favicon. Loving the offices :slight_smile:

Working at Xenon has it’s perks, y’know; 4 cases of chilled Coca-Cola.