_______ was killed by prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod Warning: killicon not found 'prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod'

In the past day or so there have been some sort of invisible object spawning randomly in my server, it is INVISIBLE and causes the server to crash when it is driven over.

The details in this post are incredibly sketchy, I know. These are the only details I have recieved from my players and there really isn’t any errors at all in my console relating to any sort of POD.

A player somehow got killed by it and he got this in his console: “(name) was killed by prop_vehicle_prisoner_podWarning: killicon not found ‘prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod’”

As I said, this has randomly became a problem in the past day or so… I’m more than sure a user isn’t causing it.

Any tips or anyone else have this happening to them?

X-Ray is very handy for finding invisible objects.

But sometimes people don’t want to use hacks.

hook.Add(“InitPostEntity”,“removebullshitpods”,function() for k,v in pairs(ents.Find(“prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod”))do