A-10 destroys a tank




Boring map, nice editing.

You should of turned off shadows.

Looks like shit =/

You’re saying that the picture would be better without any shadows? Or that the picture looks like shit because of the shadows?

the source shadows look bad, but your editing looks nice

The shadows are awful beneath the tank, just a giant square with weird blotchy bits, you really should have fixed this, makes it looks as though it’s floating too.

Apart from the shadows, great.

Not bad. Could do with some more shading to make the tank seem less full-bright and flat.



Fuck yeah.

I think I’ll edit new shadows on the existing ones today.

Others have lives :v:

Yeah ten minutes of commenting… god-damn I need a job, I can’t go on like this!

you couldve taken a nice shit in 10minutes…god damnit STOP REPLYING