A-10 low strafing run

okay first off i dont have photoshop (yet) so i had to improvise with the effects, so please dont post anything about it not being edited. this is my first attempt at a decent screenshot so expect not that much i will probably give a go at editing it when i get photoshop.


can you please give some advice on problems in my pic and how to prevent them from being repeted in the future.

edit; i am pretty sure the screenshot didnt look that shit in quality when i took or viewed it before posting :confused:

Make sure you have everything maxed when taking a pic
ANd turn on AA goddamn

it looks terrible. Turn your graphics up, also HE’S GONNA CRASH!!!

A10s don’t fly that close to the ground.
You could get GIMP instead PS because GIMP is free

alrite i realised about my graphics after i posted the pic :S note the jet is so low because the ma i chose hase a REALLY low skybox. and for the GIMP im currently doing GCSE photography so i can photoshop for free anyway-on tuesday :confused: thanks guys i now notice there are quite a few obvious things i forgot or fucked up on. i will probably try redo the whole screenshot in a bit

I don’t get it why people re-do pictures. Just listen to the C&C and move on, make another pose.

when i say redo i mean take the same concept ( A_10 strafing) and try again with a different approach

what i mean about the looking shit quality thing is http://img705.imageshack.us/i/gmforest0003.jpg/

Damn that is low… like, gonna crash low.