A 2D3D Hud Request

There seems to not be many huds besides Zoey’s (which often go down as we all know) and older ones that are probably very buggy if not broken on today’s Garry’s Mod. Looking around at the Valve Games and Mods section, I noticed these two pictures in the Opposing Force 2 thread:

(Credit goes to the Opposing Force 2 mod team for the top screenshot and the Operation: Black Mesa mod team for the bottom)

Is it possible for a 2D3D replacement hud (suggested in addon format although it doesn’t have to be clientside if that’s too much work) to be made based off of either of these? (By 2D3D, I mean something like Metroid Prime or such in that it seems like the HUD is actually infront of your eyes rather than flat on the screen.)

I have one in my addon, Environments that you can feel free to modify as you wish. It doesn’t use 2D3D because its impossible to get the effect of it being on a curved surface using it. Instead it draws to an additive (makes it possible to have it be transparent but unfortunately stops you from being able to use the color black) render target that is on a curved clientside model that is placed in front of the player’s view.

I think you mean 3D2D, but whatever.

I would love to see HUDs similar to the screenshots, and that Environments HUD is pretty cool.

The only limitation with that hud is that you can’t use the black colour or it will get erased.
Apart from that it’s very possible to do.
I might work again on mine.

Le bump.