A 2fort Nightmare Mini-Series

I’m working on a 4 part mini-series of Garry’s Mod Videos for the Halloween season! The synopsis is that our “beloved” Garry’s Mod monsters are having an uprising by removing the original cast of characters of Team Fortress and replacing them. Can our heroes survive this ungodly cleansing of good only a Modder of the sickest mind could DREAM of?!?

Part 1/4

Comments and critique is appreciated!

I couldn’t get past 0:43.

Why is that?

Ugghh… couldn’t even watch the entire thing.

To much random “Oh ahi guyz I found sound clipz from tf2 and going to make a movie because faceposer is silly.”

I’m seriously tired of all the gmod movies that confuse randomness with comedy. I especially hate all the dull, uninspired tf2 comedy movies that are so samey and generic.

Any advice on how to make this video less random?

meh its not a waste of time some parts were funny but nothin special
i think u copyed rubberfruit a bit too much

Thanks… What exactly did I copy of Rubberfruit? Painis is a bit obvious, but the miniseries is based around ALL the Garry’s Mod monsters, so I had to include him :l