A-61 Mantis Gunship

Not really thread worthy considering I spent about 30 minutes on it, if that, but I haven’t made a thread in a long time so I thought I’d let anyone who cares know that I’m still editing, when I come across something I want to edit.

Kudos to Haxxer for porting the model from ME2 and making the original picture.


Original: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7856270/gm_flatgrass20080001.jpg

DA Link: http://chestymcgee.deviantart.com/#/d2ydpa9

Just a quicky. Some of the shadows aren’t correct, partly due to a lack of skill and partly due to not really knowing where the light-source is in the original image.

Well you certainly sexed that up nicely, it looks great for a 30 minute edit.

I am liking the shadows, and I am liking the shadows a lot.

Pretty sweet job, nice work with the contrast.

I think the main issue with the shadows is this one:


It ought to be going down like this:


Or something like that. Right now it looks like the lightsource for it is off in front of the ship, rather than above it to an angle.

Still, its a great improvement over the original.

Good edit. For a brit, that is.


Cheers for the critique man. Yeah that’s the shadow I was mainly referring to in the opening post… I knew it was off but I was getting way confused trying to think it all through and gave up in the end.

… as usual.

I’m digging the heat distortion at the back there.

I cant see it

Well I don’t think they built the gunship with wobbly, liquefied wings and tail.


ooh you mean the blur, aaalright, didn’t see that at first


Sorry but I only see color correcting

But you just said you see the blur…

Also I barely did any colour correction - you’re more likely seeing the editing of the curves.

Love the shadows.

alright I see what you mean now, sorry

That’s cool, bro.

bro tip: use smudge for heat haze, not blur


oh i’m blind, you did distort it slightly - next time go smaller with the distortions

Aight thanks man.

Even bro-er tip, use Noise < Spread then Blur about 2 for heat haze. Gives you a nice detailed distortion.

yay, your old avatar!


oh yeah, and nice picture blah blah blah…

jk, love it <3 especially the shadows

i’m a big gay tablet-owning faggot and like to do things by hand, usually resulting in even minor details taking me weeks :smith: