A 700mhz Build Server!

Hey, I want to show off my build server. Currently has a maximum of 4 players but I will add more soon just as soon as I get a new network card. It runs gm_construct (Subject to change, possibly)

Has numerous addons but Im adding some cstrike content aswell as some TF2 content.

Here is the server’s info page…

Holy shit, 0.70GHz of RAW PROCESSING POWER! I can’t wait to lag while trying to move, let alone spawn a prop!

I would agree, it would run great. But I have used a 800 mhz intel before, lagged, and was extremely weak. If I spawned more then 20 props at once it would crash, and when ever I would move it would lagg. But it was running windows 98 with 700 and something amount of ram.

Anyways, to the otherguy…

I like the idea of using older machines, but didn’t you ever think the consequences of what could happen? Seriously, people will join your server. Then the lagg might get worse, then it might crash. Not to many people want a server that crashes and laggs like a living hell when there playing onit… It might just get less and less popular. And even if you did get a new server(quad, ect), people wont join because they think its junk…

Just think if that ahead of time to prevent this shit from happening… I know your going to reply to this and be like what ever… Believe me, I have been through this over and over again.

Tips, of your using a old system for a server just use:

  1. Dont have so many addons installed…
  2. DO NOT have a tickrate above 66…
  3. Don’t stuff the server full of shit(Will crash more often, or might just never work again)
  4. Make sure your always watching, do not allow to many explosives at once(crashes it)

Ok, Its offline today. It actually ran without much lag. Usually around 90FPS on gm_construct. Me and some public people on Garrys mod last night were testing crate smashing. The only thing that was able to crash this beast was those big red and blue cargo bins(152 until it crash) but that was easily solved with a prop limit of 100. Ragdolls were also cut, same with npc’s. You may try it out today( 4:30PM PST) Because I forgot to activate SRCDS after I closed it this morning. To bad I turned off Java and WAN on the VNC. it can run 6 slots without much lag. What gamemode do you guys recommend? Im thinking Stranded 2.2.1 or Stranded Beta 1.8(Has a nicer GUI). Or Zombie would be cool but it can get boring fast. And 6slots isnt enough for a good RP game. So Stranded seems to be best.

-James (At School, Not learning as usual)


Runs quite fast, No Lag except for when mingebags spam 150 red Blast cargo bins.