A-74 Aurora, Fin only rigid airship

The fallowing is a several day project, a classy 4 engine rigid passanger airship (post WWI. For lift, it uses a single point of world realtive applyForce, with no math for hovering, just enough force to offset the weight. There is no angforce or keepupright of any type. The blimp keeps itself upright sheerly by low center of gravity, like a real blimp.

it is 100% fin powered and controlled, with pitch and yaw controlled by a proper and realistic elevator and rudder. Shifting power to one side’s engines augments the turning radious, as it is of course a very large airship, and would otherwise be difficult to keep within the confines of a map. It is nice and slow, moving at a speed of about 10 mph. Being rigid, a passanger compartment can be placed in the envalope itself, like with some of the real airships from the period. The passanger compartment is furnished with pleasent furniture, a nice carpet, and a bar.

The airship is flown by the pilot, who sets in the gondola with two navigators, who are more or less there for the lolz. Overall, the Aurora has seating for about twenty. It is nicely parented, so it isnt too laggy, but parented tactically so it doesnt loose all its important collisions. Anyway, Pics:

I was there and I blew it up, too :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, good work.

Blimp looks pimp.

Now make a Kirov!

That’s fucking sexy

too much of a stacking wonder for my liking but I used to do similar things, so I can’t talk

Tacticool parenting. :c00lbert:

God damn, I love it! You can actually walk around in it while it’s moving?

No stacking. Just PA and time. The envalope rook at least 2 hours. Stacking just isn’t precise enough for me, and thus I haven’t used it in years. Also, I don’t know if it’s noticable, but I didn’t make the envalope symmetrical across it’s Y. The front is blunter and more gradually rounded then the rear. If I made it symmetrical, it would look like one of those early derigables.

Unfortunatly, you cannot walk around in it while moving, as the floor collision screws up, but I shall see what I can do about it. However, you can always grab a seat on a couch, then you won’t fall. Hopefully I can get the floor a bit firmer. However, it CAN shoot while moving :v:

You’re doing it wrong.

WAY wrong. MacFagdock knows his cock.

Heh. My expiriences with PA have been better (it can stack too of need be)

Thank you, someone else who appreciates stacker and/or is too dumb to use PA(like me.) Now convince him to put it on the server :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it use hydrogen

If it doesn’t then im not impressed

PA imo is far better than stacker, but in some cases stacker is faster and better.

It’s certainly faster, I’ll give stacker that. And of course it uses hydrogen

eh PA will never be as good as PG.

Oh shit I forgot to say something about the airship in my last post. It certainly looks quite cool. I’d angle the fins on the back more though, and give it a respray to something more grey. Oh and it looks a bit strange to have the passenger compartment within the body. I dunno, maybe that’s just me. Anyway cool shit.

Dirigible <3

Looked long and hard for a better material. Wish I could find one :expressionless:

The hindeburg had a passenger cabin in the hull.