A aged suvivor with dual handguns kicks a zombie in the chest while reloading

Edits and C&c are welcome.

Posing looks good but you really should edit it, daytime and zombies don’t mix well.

Cant edit that well.

goes finds a tut how to do make a daylight pic nighttime

I thought it was going to be a left 4 dead Bill picture lawl.

Looks nice but could use editing to help it, and the second pistol he’s holding, The finger near the trigger is kind of clipping near the pistol. Or at least what i think. And it looks like he has a black hole on his jeans. And the infected’s finger looks messed up.

The survivor reminds me of Hank Hill for some reason…hmmmm.
If you dont know who that is he is a character in the show “King of the hill”.
the screen needs more backgroundness!

It could do wonderful things for that picture if he was only holding one handgun.
Dual handguns are both very unrealistic and very overused.

The posing looks too stiff, try and make them look a little looser next time.


How is it unrealistic?

A) It’s impossible to aim.
B) Takes ages to reload.
C) You can’t use your off hand for something else.
D) Recoil like mad.

Need I say more?

Recoil like mad if your inexperianced and it’s a very potent round. An average joe could definately dual weild a couple of 9mm’s or 9x19. His aim would be slightly decreased, you only use two hands for dead on accuracy.

You need to use the sights of the gun to aim, in general.
Try doing that with two guns.

Try firing a pistol with your off hand repeatedly.

Theirs plenty of video’s on youtube of people dual weilding and firing both guns with very little recoil even for the bigger rounds like .357 and even .50, go look them up.

For pistols, aiming with one hand with your off hand doesn’t really have that much effect, sure, mabye you’ll notice a slight drop in performance but that’s it, i even know some people that use their off hand to fire becuase they’re better at reloading with their main hand.

Try to accurately aim two pistols at once. You can’t.

No, but if your holding two pistols at once, that doesn’t mean he’s going to be aiming and firing them both at once, i mean, he could, but he could also use one hand to shoot at a time.


If you want realism, get off the PC and go outside. Who cares if he has 2 handguns anyways?

Prismatex :stuck_out_tongue:

Statements or what

Please read this:

Stop complaining about realism.

Alright, that was just the first thing that I thought of when I saw this picture.
Is the map de_port?