a apache flies in the sky literally doing nothing

hnnng jpeg



felt like it was threadworthy, whatever

if you know it is slow as fuck don’t do it

Is that a rebel i see flying teh apache?

It’s not literally doing nothing.
It’s flying.

There is no such thing as nothing, and you should slap yourself for using the word “literally” in your title.


Why png

theres a alternate link

png = useless

I don’t see what you did with this except color changes and a border.
looks pretty.

Except for the fact it holds multiple layer structures, in depth colour strings, transparency, script language and textual information ( like save data ).

Just because it isn’t doing what you WANT it to do, doesn’t make it useless

shit you don’t need apart from transparency

so useless

it also takes five fucking times as long to load when it looks exactly the same (unless you actually use transparency, which you haven’t).

i don’t care if it appeals to your technowank side, post things in a format which doesn’t take fucking ages to load or don’t post them at all.