A "." at the end of a sentence

Hi… I recently downloaded some admin addons… ULX,Simple admin and assmod… (Yes i know it’s stupid to download 3 admin addons for same server) And I am a owner of a server… I run a zombrp server and noone can change their job because one of the addons put’s a . at the end of every sentence… anyone know which addon this is and where I can find it to disable the “.” ?


You probably have the grammar assmod plugin.

I’m not sure of the name of it, but check assmod. One of those folders will be to do with grammar / spelling.

Could it possibly be ULX though?

No. It wouldn’t be ulx.

It’s assmod. addons/assmod/lua/plugins

Should be like, ass_grammar.lua
Delete it.

I fixed it… it was the ass_grammar file… Now i have another problem… on my server people can spawn CSS weapons… anyone know how to turn this off?

assmod aswell.

Do you know the name of file that will stop players from spawning the weapons?


I have searched for any file that would say about spawning weapons… havent found anything… someone please help.



If you want to block people from spawning weapons, open the ASSmod menu, click Sandbox -> Restrict.
(Could be wrong. Haven’t used assmod in a long time.)

When I go into console and type +ass_menu or something along those lines… all i get is a 1 option button that only has 1 more option… It’s really weird.

What does the buttons says? Please be more specific, help us to help you.


How do I make myself admin on it? Coz it might be that it doesnt read the server.cfg and doesnt know that I am a owner of a server like ULX does…


How to make myself admin on Assmod i mean… and the command i ment was +ass menu
Also when I try to spawn admin weapons it sais “you have to be an admin” I am a superadmin in my server… is this related to Assmod?

your answers are Prolly here, on the very very first post.


Thanks for the link but I cant really understand where it sais how to make myself an admin…


I tried ASS_GiveOwnership <my user id> but it just sais Access Denied!
anyone can help? =\

Type it in the server’s console, not your own console.

Ok everything is now fixed… New problem= on my ZombRP server zombies dont do damage… anyone know why? I tried other maps… an addon that spawns zombies… no zombie at all does any damage… please help again