A badly edited picture containing U.S Soldier - AGAIN.




  • I know about the poor quality of the background, so don’t mention it.
  • I suck at editing. (Bunch of ‘Agree’ is comin’ )


Why are you using a real life picture? Just pose the thing in GMod. That’s the point of posing.

I find the lack of realistically looking maps disturbing…

  • I can’t make a solid scenebuild, as everytime I change the material of something the lighting just fucks up.

++ After getting the L4D/L4D2 Models the rope material just fucked up, so I now I just see wireframed rope hanging somewhere above the map and everytime I try to make a pose that rope just SOMEHOW gets in the way.

It doesn’t have to be a scene build, just put the damn tank next to a building in some desert looking map and you’re done.

in your materials folder there’s a folder called “cables.”

remove it.


Wow, that looks horrible.

I thought one of the insurgency maps would do the trick.
BTW, what model/skin are you using?

were did you get that soldier

The guy isn’t really blended well.
Could do with some shading on the face but other than that the compensation for jpg quality is fantastic.

There’s no reason for the picture to be as big as it is. The picture you used for the background is horrendous quality and you actually had to stretch the soldier past his actual resolution to fit. I would shrink the picture to about 800 px wide.