A Bagful of Hoverballs


A more colorful version http://www.wduwant.com/index_uploads/uploads/e4ee23340893.jpg

The alpha pass


I dl’d mask’s updated pack and there was so much stuff in it, didn’t even get through 20% of it and made this in the process.

Okay, I can’t stop staring at this… You managed to capture so much in here… the new ground props are marvelous, and combined with the asymmetric foliage placement, extra rocky textures, and heaps of debris and detail everything about the borders of the frame is fantastic. The perspective is bold and the color palette is gorgeous, and above all that an engaging story is told. And I’m not even talking about the technical quality. Easily your best work (except this)

Jaw dropped.

Holy balls!

It really speaks to how good the composition of this scene is that I can see a bunch of generic HL2 junk props but they don’t contrast with the image.

What a beautifully composed image. Absolutely fantastic work!

My oonnnllyyyy nitpick is


I think you could have smoothed that out in post to look better, but that’s just a small detail for me.

so good!

I was just listening to that song earlier today, no way! Also great pic, reminds me of the opening scene in the tv series Preacher.

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