A Ban Hammah/ kick stick SWEPs

I’m thinking of making two SWEPs that work with ULX or any other admin mod that has the commands !ban and !kick. Would it be possible to execute a console command like “say !ban <NAME> 120” with the <NAME> replaced by the name of the player that the player holding the Ban Hammah/ Kick stick is looking at? I know it begins with

function SWEP:PrimaryAttack()
	//Event Procedure

You just need to show Lua the name of unlucky player

pl:ConCommand("say !ban "..Haxor.." 120")

I just know that Durgz mod uses this code

but I think this is more useful because “activator” is the SWEP owner

activator:ConCommand("say !ban "..Haxor.." 120")

Im just learning Lua but I know how to modify existing code…

Maybe something with
function SWEP:Think()
local tr = self.Owner:GetEyeTrace();
–then something that gets player ID

You could look into some prop protection code that shows you the prop owner

But is there a command that gives the name of the player and places that inside that ConCommand? I’m pretty sure there is a way…

Oh, Okay, thanks for helping. I’m working on the primary stuff of both of the SWEPs, then I’ll take a look at Prop Protection.

I recommend not using

say !ban



I’m not sure how to use it 100% but look at how ulx bans

No, I’m pretty sure it’s !ban <NAME> <OPTIONAL TIME>.

Thatsa only ulx, what About ass, gmanage, newadmin, moocow, flapmin

not all admin mods use !ban

what if a admin mutes you, you go to ban him, it won’t work

I think the default is addip <unique id number> <time>

[lua]pl:Ban(number, “Reason”)[/lua]