A banana

Like the title says you can find bananas in rad towns and grow banana trees. End of suggestion.

Yes! This is what Rust is lacking, and sorely needs!

Forget XP points, forget female model, forget flamethrower and mountable horses, forget electricity generators … WE WANT BANANAS!!

Bananas and how about watermelon! That would change rust forever!

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A flamethrower that shoots flaming bananas

banana peel traps that make people fall over.

It slows them down istantly and has a chance to down them. I love it.

Eating a banana, makes you a banana. this will be great.

Don’t interrupt the seriousness of this thread.

Bananas should be wearable as gloves.


While you are at. I need a fucking airboat with a mini gun

That would be great but we are out at the moment

Well let me know when they are not on backorder.

I do dat

Whatever you do, DO NOT dry them in a furnace and then smoke the peel. EVER!