A Bedroom


Bad Things:
Fucked up lighting (lightburns on ceiling)
Some kind of windows or whatever is that supposed to be 100% white and shiny on walls.
Boring Texturing.
Very Blocky.
There seems to be light source from window. Seen on floor. Thought outside of window seems pitch black

Other than that for first time as you say isn’t bad at all.

Too much unused space.

Wow, did you make this for goldsrc? Because it looks like its been done 10 years ago and about a million times already.

Good job on your awesome map. Keep up the … work

It’s his first map, and isn’t that bad for a first. No need to be so hard on him.

Next time he should use an existing bed prop, brush based furniture always looks terrible.

But it’s a good first effort, I think.


Not bad for a first map. Your map reminds me of my first map when I tried to re-create my house and it ended being massive and took 6 hours to compile. The doors where the size of a house pretty much. So yeah, your doing better than my first attempt.