A Better Camera

This is something I’ve wanted for quite some time now, but have been too lazy to make it. Well… I went and made it.

It works the same way as the regular camera but it has a nice GUI that shows the roll angle and how much you’re zoomed in when you hold down Right-Click. I’ve also made some useful options to go along with it. (located in Q-Menu -> Options -> Camera Options)

The Smexy GUI


The Options Menu


Works like the regular camera




Good Job :smiley:

nice, i like it alot :smiley:

Woah that’s petty frikin sweet dude. Nice job. :slight_smile:

I wonder if we can use these like bombsites or something.

Do what now?

can some camera record video, what I can later play in some screen-prop in gmod? It would be very usable :v:

Though that’s a nice idea I don’t think it’s possible. Just to clarify, all this is meant to do is take screenshots.

This is a lot better than the normal camera in my opinion. Nice job.


Awesome. I hate trying to just zoom in but end up rolling a little. Now I can just reset the roll. Love the GUI too.

Excellent job!

You can use the options to turn it off too, just uncheck the ‘Enable roll’ checkbox.

Yay. :v:

never mind

fixed it


The zoom on this solves a lot of problems. I made a satellite that can fly in the sky and spy on people below :). Thanks, nice work.

okay now it broke again, i think it’s one of my addons, i’ll look into it.
if ther is an addon the conflicts to it you should update your frist thread so you can warn them about the conflict

My one works fine i even took some test pictures,


Wow, looks really good.
Definitely a download from me.

sorry to make a 16-month bump but i just saw this on gmod.org, nice job!