A Better Child model?


Yeah, new children would be very useful to some. The ones now are just bad.

I have one here, but IDK if it’s OK for you.

Well show it and we’ll see.

Is it a new model or just a skin.

A new model. Still WIP, but she seems to work decently:

Eh I kind of need modern children with modern clothes and jackets and such, good luck on the model though.

I couldn’t agree more.

Their are a lot of good child models in Fallout 3.

I’m saying that you could use the Fallout 3 children as a base model, and they’re pretty close to modern day with a few changes

That’s what I got for now, I’m still into making more.

Incoming pedoposes

Well if you’re into that sorta thing.

I’mma go call the cops.

Not me, my friend.

It would be useful for comics to have children in normal clothes.

lillwasa released an Asian Kid model if it helps meet part of your goal:

It Helps