A better Code Lock ?


The code lock is nice but its too simple with 4 numbers. A door code with more numbers (6?) or 1-2 special characters, characters would be nice.

For Example:
149-3%4 or 1806A71

Watch this discussion and you see its easy to create a script and hack this. I hope the code lock function will be revised :wink:

Thanks and friendly regards

I think instead of code locks, Garry should implement eye scanner or “fingerprint” (steam id) reader. I think people playing Rust (especially Russians) would be smart enough to create such a tool in a world, that is wrecked my some sort of mystical apocalypse.

Sorry I disagree.

There are 10.000 different combinations. Do you think somebody will try them all?

Did you use 1337 or 1234 or 0000 as code?

Don’t be stupid with your codes that’s the problem I guess?

Look what the hackers say about this:

By the way: Thanks for posting links to cheater’s forums you moron. Honestly that’s a great thing to do with all the butthurt people in this forum its a great possibility to advertise here.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - postal))

No Problem. You Moron. Every dumb ass can you use google and found the cheater forums. And ? The players who want to cheat find a way… also relax.
Cheater forums are important because you show the open security holes and make the game better :wink:

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - postal))

50% of users in this forum can not use google and find the response to the question they ask. So they won’t find the cheater forums either.

Posting those links is a kind of invite or inspiration to use such cheats.

However, sorry for calling you a moron you moron I just love your response :wink: