A Better Combat System

Rust has a huge emphasis on pvp, I think we can all agree on that. Therefore, I believe the game should have a more in-depth combat system that promotes player skill. It should have you much more options just clicking a button over and over again hoping you’ll hit your target. So here is what I have in mind:

-A dodge ability is added, by double taping your movement keys your character will either sidestep to the right or left, etc. This will be useful for dodging incoming attacks
-A power attack is added, by holding the button you perform a slow more powerful attack
-A counter-attack it added, a random button appears and if you click it you will deflect the attack and stun your opponent. You cannot counter power attacks
-You can push your enemy back
-More melee weapons are added such as the spear, machete and club
-Weapons can be thrown, such as the hatchet or spear
-You can use a peek-mechanic when behind cover with your gun
-You can also bash with a gun knocking players back AND stunning them
-Guns can potentially jam when you reload them

Call of Duty doesnt even have that much of a combat system

But the pvp is much more intense and important since when you lose, you lost everything. I think it would only add to the game.

I know, I’m just saying it sounds like a very complex fighting system

I guess, but wouldnt it me so much more fun? the fights would be so bland and boring and require some skill and just because you are less equipt than someone else, doesnt mean you cant take them down if you got the skill to back it up.

As much as i agree to some of it, i think alot of ppl like it, cause its this simple

I hope people wouldnt be scared of it just because it more complicated, i think its a great idea, how about you?

As i said some of it i would agree with, but on the other hand i like how simple it is, and it fit the game well, atleast at the stage its in atm.

This isn’t a god damn RPG

Yeah i see where you’re coming from, but i think when the guns and made much more primitive and melee combat more important this would be a welcome change in my opinion. Giving the player more options in never a bad thing.

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The game doesnt need to be a RPG to have good combat. You would actually rather have it as simple as possible? requiring no skill?

How does gun jamming have anything to do with your skill? The game is already mainly based on skill.

It doesnt, it just adds some more depth. This is a rock-paper-scissors style combat. What do you think about the idea as a whole?

This is a multiplayer first person shooter survival game, not a small game of Risk. It takes skill to actually do what the people do in this game, and instead of that you want to make it mainly rely on luck, I see you aren’t very skilled in the game.

I love it! I think that it increases the skill gap between the regular players and the players that have really mastered the game. A skill gap is definitely what this game desperately needs, it is just too easy to die to picks and rocks than it should be, that said i do like the simplicity of the current combat system and i think I like it even as much as this idea, therefore I’m torn, I think I might need a little more convincing to figure out which I like more, Great ideas!

Whoa you completely read that wrong. Nothing will be based on luck, what i meant by rock-paper-scissors combat is not that it is based on luck, is that there is an action and counter-action for everything. I’m not saying the game requires no skill, but its standard isnt very high. I love the game and have put a lot of time into it, what could possibly be negative about making the combat more complex and intense.

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That is why i feel it would be a good idea. People get frustrated that they are constantly killed by people with better equipment. With a system like this in place, if you are good enough you can take out the guy with full kevlar. Thanks for the feedback!

The whole point is to get to the point of having the better stuff so you don’t lose. If a guy in cloth can easily take out a guy in Kevlar, then there is no point.

8 out of 10 times the guy with kevlar will win. I dont see the problem. Either way you have the advantage, but if you have no skill, you wont just win because you have a kevlar helmet and the other guy doesnt. That is a good point though but i dont think it would get that serious, thanks for you feedback by the way.

Then what happens to people without “skill” (or luck, by your definition), do they just get killed over and over and quit the game? If you’re good enough, you can take out a full Kevlar enemy while only wearing cloth. Items help reward you for being good and spending time.

It would never get that serious. If you have a gun and your enemy doesnt you can still take them out. Also there is no way a player wont get better as they progress, I think any game which such a emphasis on pvp should be skill-based. The most dangerous player shouldnt be the one that has the most free time, it should be the one that is the best at the game. Also, people get killed over and over right now. Because they have a rock and dont stand a chance against anyone.