A better legend of zelda SWEP?

I would really love a GOOD legend of zelda Master Sword SWEP, this ABOMINATION doesnt work well and doesnt even look good : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=245155321&searchtext=master+sword (If the mod creator sees this,im sorry for being kind of mean,but im also being honest.)

Does anyone know a GOOD legend of zelda master sword SWEP? It should work well (the current popular master sword’s spin move and the “beam” dont work anyhow,the spin makes you keep spinning and the beam is limited.) and it should look good,not in first person perspective but in third person perspective,other people will just see you death staring at the items you are swinging at.
(or,somebody could make a LoZ master sword SWEP,but i dont think anybody is gonna do that…)