A better way to check damagelogs/have a menu for it?

Hey, before anyone says anything, I scoured the internet to find a damagelog for TTT that was more convenient for admins to see, like Tommynators damage menu that highlighted the inno on inno RDM. I just can’t believe he would remove it, because it would make the game so much more enjoyable for the players, and staff would be so much more effective. I was just wondering if anyone has a damagelog besides the console damagelog that I could get my hands on, or if anyone can give me a backup of tommynators f8 damage menu, or tyguy’s reporter tool? Thanks.

Also, as a staff member of a TTT server, is there any patterns, or easier ways you guys use to catch RDMers? Or do you just find yourself having to stare at the damagelogs and look for anything illegal.

I’m not sure if people are going to be dog and give it to you without permission from the creator. I have it , I can ask for permission if you really want it.

I’m on the same server as him and have to agree that it would help out a lot. We’d appreciate it if you asked the creator.

Yea, if you could ask the creator and get a copy, it would be really appreciated, aside from making our staff’s job a hell of a lot easier. We surely don’t mean to steal/copy someone’s work, just make the garrys mod experience better for the players. So if anyone has anything similar to this, like a color coded damagelog, it would me amazing.

Next time he’s on I’ll ask.

Do you mean this?


If so, why does nobody google these things.

I also have the files to it before it got removed. If Tommy removed it he probably doesn’t want anyone to have it.

I already did before this post lol. The download link does not work, but hopefully I can find a similar addon on that forum. And imo, just because Tommy removed the dl link, doesn’t completely mean he wants it out of everyone’s hands. Why would someone want to stop people from using a tool like the f8 damage menu?

To be unique to only his server then other servers.

You could code your own or ask/pay someone to.

MY plugin:

I didn’t know you were on here boxama! But yea this plugin works, i was using it then i found a bug, he fixed it and it all 100% works! Psst box, go on steam when you can i have something i need coded :slight_smile:

I tried implementing this into my server and it kicked me for lua errors right when I got in. Still a bit buggy I’m assuming.

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The owner of Diamond Sword Gaming recoded the F8 damagelogs and plans on releasing them to the public when it reaches v1.0 :smiley: