A better way to light indoors?


I keep stubbing my toes walking around in the dark in my own cozy house. I do put campfires down but they only light so much of the house up. Also, they are a bit cumbersome to have to keep refilling the wood supplies to keep the fire going. Plus I think its a bit tacky to have a bunch of campfire strewn about the house all over the floor (which should be removable I feel).

I was thinking that we could have a wall or ceiling light/lamp? Maybe turn the animal byproducts into oils which can burn for a really long time? Then you can hang them on the the wall, posts or ceilings. Or maybe make the existing torches mountable on the walls and or posts? Also something to consider, the ability to create big fireplaces that illuminate the room a great deal which can also cook meat?

I’d also like to take time to say that this is a lovely game you guys are working on and I’m looking forward to future updates. Thanks in advance for your time!


You probably wouldn’t want to do any of that anyway. Light just makes it easier for people to notice you and your house. Put a flashlight mod on your gun and turn that on and off to get around your house. (Carry a torch until you have that)

And you can remove campfires/furnaces/etc already, by breaking it with a melee weapon.

Thanks for the advice with the campfires Crunch!

I don’t mind having the lights on. I understand the risks that come with lighting up the house. I’m usually with several other people and the compound is pretty secure. So I’m not worried too much about outsiders and bandits getting in. Even if they do, it wouldn’t be so bad because I know how to make everything and would just need to gather the resources again.