A BF3 Themed Picture


I want better fabric normalmap!

I want less t4ct1c00l russian models.


Sweet job on these normal maps and picture itself mang!

Look, I don’t want to insult you, but you can start posting your old pictures again and no one will notice.
Guess why?

it has better edit than “old pictures”

Half of those russians guys (not including you, checked your pictures, damn awesome work) are just spamming TF2 pictures that have the exact same editing style, random humor, and worse of all for people like Faraon, a gigantic bloom rape which makes me sick and gives me stomach pain. Yet I haven’t seen anyone complaining yet.

i complained

It’s not the reason for others to do the same

Just pointing out it’s annoying seeing everybody coming back to complain about how he’s doing the same stuff over and over again while some other guys are doing the exact same thing and going away with it just fine. That’s kinda hypocrite there. Either you quit complaining or follow your logic fully.

Relax. I think after 23 of June, this tf2 spamming from russians starts to decline.


It’s not a hypocrisy. I’m just too lazy to complain every picture that deserves it, but this two pictures up there with exactly the same poses of dudes have left me no choice.

Also, what will happen at 23 of june?

Well, you know VKontakte, right?
Most of tf2 works, that spread in the last few days from russian guys are made for one competition in tf2 group in VK.

The difference is that these pictures all contain some generic soldier pointing a gun off-screen, while the TF2 pictures are actually all different.

Russian models look like from Metal Gear Solid 2. Considence?

Anyway, nice edit, posing nice AK74M but why BF3?

Try using a fabric detailtexture. You can keep the texturesize smaller, but you’ll still get a very fine fabric pattern.

is this… TRUE? bf3 is actually using real camo patterns and not some brushwork like most of the modern warfare era bf games

dat gorka-e with nice partizan

they be a drippin’ that realistic sauce

So there will be a Russians in BF3?

Could someone please give me a link of this nice partizan skin?