a bhop gamemode

hey guys i am going to be trying to make a bhop gamemode.

i will probbaly use css maps.

i need some help with a shop eg hats trails models etc.

if you want to help add me on steam

bradmcco is my addy.


you said you are making bhop, why do you need a shop with all that stuff? are you sure you aren’t trying to copy sassilization or w/e it’s called?


Why can only Sassilization have a shop?

Besides, NoX had a shop way before Sass. Way to get the timescale right.

Anyhow, if you can get the gamemode working correctly with Bhop and whatsnot, a shop should be second nature.

but sassilization has a bhop gamemode with a shop exactly the same. and this wasn’t titled very well.

It really does sound like Death Run like eric cartman said, if I am honest with you brad.

Hats are fairly easy, you can check any hat addon package on garrysmod.org to get a rough idea how to do it. You could even pretty much copy paste it.

As for trails, just check how they do it on the Fretta game laser dance. It is very, very easy to do a trail on a person: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Util.SpriteTrail

Just try doing it a bit yourself first you learn more that way and in the future have to depend on others less.

So what, no one patented the Gmod shop. Just don’t copy code.

This is like saying fortwars stole the spawn menu idea from sandbox. It’s just a shop, no one stole it from anyone.

Well the original idea for a shop was created and patented by Sir Reginald Shop in 1872, so technically

Fuck Sake,
Sass and a few others have a shop so?
i didnt fucking copy them they arent the only one who is allowed to have so dont tell me what i can and cant do

ah, you’re polite aren’t you?
because we all know swearing at the people who could help you gets you far in life.

Maybe you should learn Lua first.

In fairness to brad, everyone came in here going “LOL SOMEONE ELSE HAS SHOP U NO CAN DO”. He’s trying to do something and learn something, so why not help him?

I never meant it was because it had a shop. I meant it sounds like Death Run in general.

I already gave you a few links Brad, hopefully instead of just spam rating everyone dumb you’ll read it.

Emz is about the only 1 that has done 1% to help