A big problem over a small thing!


Let’s say I’m trying to get a normal zombie and make it faster.


I don’t mind if you declare that it’s obvious as long as you point me in the direction of a tutorial.

I don’t mind if I have to make a SNPC.

I don’t mind if I have to cock around with the bones.

I just can’t find anything to help me.

Thanks, from a slightly stressed creator.

Was it really needed to repost the same damn question?

No it wasn’t, I apologise, I’m just getting so ticked off by this.

did you try NPC:SetArrivalSpeed() ?

No, I didn’t and don’t know how, thank you but you’ll need to explain it a little.

wiki doesn’t has any documentation on it but it takes a float as argument, so try using like
(ofc change NPC to the npc, probably you will use like self:SetArrivalSpeed(5000) at the npc lua file)

Hmm, just did that and no dice, are you sure that is what it’s used for?