A Big project. Need some help.

I have seen the light.

Why did you even made the thread then?

I made a thread, with some ambitious stuff, and then a sane person told me I was biting off more than I could chew. So I edited it out to avoid looking like an idiot.

Well that’s too bad, because you still look like an idiot.

Sarcasm. Work on smaller projects before you do larger ones. I’ve learned that myself.

I agree that.

I think you were probably listening to some negative FP moron who was trying to be discouraging. Tell me what project it was.

Seriously guys. Let it go. I already have a smaller project going on. The bigger one was a mistake. So leave it.


Wow, you seriously are an idiot.

Deri calm down lol… he’s only messing around. Plus this forum isn’t even that crowded anyways.

But just like I said, if I was sounding discouraging earlier I did not mean to. Are you working on any small projects?

Yeah, I’ve started a smaller project.