A biohazard suit guy standing in front of a light and a pyro standing around

Genericness to the max.
I found them in my garrysmod screenshots folder and thought I’d do something to em.
Edited in like 4 minutes each.



By bodenlan at 2009-09-14

You don’t have to say it’s generic or boring because we already know it is. I’m just contributing to keep the screenshots section alive and because I’m bored. And I’m not saying it’s dying so you don’t have to bitch about that either.

No offense but not only is Screenshots more alive than ever. they’re not that good. very boring.

That’s some bad reading for your ass.

Pyro one looks very nice. Is that ambient occlusion or just photoshopped?

Wow, just because i quit skinning for you, doesn’t mean you’ve gotta be an ass to me every waking second.

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(User was banned for this post ("Be nice - telling another user to suck a dick doesn't add anything to the thread" - verynicelady))

I agree, Pyro’s pic looks nice, simple but nice.

Yeah, yours are waaaaay more interesting.

Anyway, these are nice, they’re a bit too much contrasted tho.

Nice. I like them both.

I’d comment on what I don’t like about these two pictures, but the OP tells me not to.

I like them

Ok, so you have to admit that yours suck. Because these pictures are 10 times better then any of yours and i think many will agree.

Nice pictures, i like the top one the best, lots of atmosphere in it.

That’s funny coming from you.