A bit generenic FPS shot of marines walkin' and talkin'

I like fps shots :science:

But meh, could have done better.

I wanted a cutscene-ish feeling. Might make better ones later.
Yay for smallness and shiz.
Not really a fan of this one, got sucked away by a hurting throat during editing, then my inspiration was gone :Dawkins102:

(FYI I can’t edit blood in like shit :eng99:)

The genericness. It burns.
Too boring mate but good edit.

the fps view is pretty nice.

Just 2 comments?
So whenever I make a serious-ish pose everyone hates it and doesn’t comment.


Some asshole bashed your pose in their blog.


This is excellent pose, Dude make more!


He even took the time to crop the bottom blackbar out.