A bit of an unfortunate question... (Hosting Question)

I’m looking for a new host to run my Clockwork server on. I did try Elpis, I was all happy to be able to use it only to realize that Clockwork has not yet been set up for Linux. What are good alternatives (besides NFO - subscription based is a no go for now). I really didn’t want to ask this question but at this point, the hoster is bothering me so much that I want to switch. Any ideas?

XenonServers. I’m using them right now for a Clockwork: Legacy HL2RP server and there’s very little downtime, you can do what you want with your server, and you get FTP access off the spot.

For not too much money, you can get a server with quite a bit of slots that can take a punch.

Xenon seems to have quite a bad reputation with people on Facepunch. Haven’t liked what I’ve heard so far about them.


If you consider any other host, you’re doing it wrong.

I believe they stated in the OP that their gamemode doesn’t work on Elpis.

Hello, I’m the manager of Xenon. A lot of the opinions of us on Facepunch are outdated from when we had a different manager. During that time I worked as a tech and saw what was going wrong. I’ve since been promoted to manager and we’ve made huge advances in our stability and support quality. I’d like to prove to you that we’re not what we once were. If you’re still iffy about it, I can even offer you 40% off of your first month with us. Let me know if you’re interested!

I’m going to go ahead and say, that Xenon still fucking blows.

I bought your “unmetered” webhosting, you capped it at 60gb bandwidth and told me that I couldn’t have more since I’d be “storing” files. I’m happy that you refunded me, but that made me never, ever, want to use xenon for anything ever again.

Our webhosting offering is still something we’re working on improving. The current package set-up is an “unlimited but fair use”-type policy. The service is meant for hosting websites, not for hosting files. However, a lot of our clients run game servers and are therefore inclined to use the web hosting as FastDL hosting. We’re trying to find a happy medium where we can offer web hosting for websites without any arbitrary limit (we’re not worried about having five different sizes of plans, we just want to offer web hosting) and still not have accounts that take up to 50GB of disk space.

That said, our game hosting services are something that we’ve worked hard on and specialize in. Our other offerings are more meant to compliment our primary market of game servers.

We bought a few nodes recently with Windows specifically for Clockwork. I don’t recommend them since they are by far more restricted then our Linux servers, but they are available now if requested.

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If you’re looking for another web host please check us out. What we advertise on our site you get in full without any hidden limits. I don’t care if you host files or whatever on it so long as it’s legal in the US. :slight_smile:

Elpis has Windows and Linux servers. What the fuck are you trying to run it on?

Oh my god! I was told in support that you guys had no Windows servers. I might actually switch back now. What are the restrictions? And if Clockwork is supported by Linux in the later months can I switch to Linux?

And I posted this thread after leaving Elpis when I was told that there was no way to run Clockwork and no Windows servers to run it. But I guess it’s changed now.

Right - that’s changed recently :slight_smile: - IE file restrictions for .dll files/etc, but we can still install them for you via ticket.

Otherwise the control panel is the same, though.

You think I can ask you a few more minor questions? I’ve added you on Steam, I’ll remove you once I’m done. (I’ve added you already under the same Steam name as my FP username.)

Just out of curiosity since I’m not at all familiar with this Clockwork… is there actually anything in it that breaks compatibility with Linux that can’t be fixed by lowercasing all the filenames, like a module or something?

They have a private module called CloudAuth which only has compatibility with Windows at the moment. Apparently they are planning on eventually releasing a Linux compatible version, but no ETA right now.

I looked at your hosting, but you didn’t have unlimited bandwidth, I ended up just going with NFO’s $3 webhosting, serves me well, just a shitty CPanel, but worth it imo since I still have a webserver + unlimited BW for only $3.

True, I don’t have unlimited bandwidth. I’m more realistic in my expectations :slight_smile:

That being said I can offer cheap BW at $5 every TB if needed.

We use 5TB/mo excluding the DDoSes(which are filtered by NFO)

I’d rather not have to pay for the amount of DDoSes we also take ;’(