A bit of help please...[DarkRP]

Ok now i have my server and everything is finished but for some odd reason when i make sweps and sents admin only, users can spawn weapons from the q menu. im not sure if its a coding glitch or what.

you probably did the admin checks wrong, specifically how did you do it?

also: obligitory: you have a hard time using DarkRP?
[lua] for i=1,99 do
Msg("i got “…i…” problems, but DarkRP isn’t one of them

nah iv never had a problem iv worked with it a while but even if i edit all of the luas in the weapons people can still spawn them and the rp_adminswep doesnt work

again, for any help, we need reference of what you specifically did, and any errors DarkRP spits out - especially on loadup

i didnt do anything i added classes and all my stuff and darkrp works but the only problem is people can spawn weapons

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not just from shipments but the q menu

did you make sure you set the gamemode to DarkRP? unless you gave everyone superadmin somehow, then that’s the only reason a CORRECT installation would be messing up

why would i do that?? im using ulx and the people that join are users