A bit of Rust lore is revealed by the marketplace.

So if you go to the marketplace and check the description for the Gmod shirt (Sandbox Game Shirt) it says this:

Seems interesting to me. What do you think?

The shirt in the marketplace.

It’s pretty clear that something has happened, and the islands the Newmans wake up on are post-civilization (aside from the mysterious airdrops that keep delivering supplies–but that may simply be a placeholder for now…or not).

What happened, however, is unclear. Things have gotten bad enough that satellites are falling and planes have crashed, along with a number of abandoned ruins, both implemented and concept art.

if we look back to leagcy . it more like things are getting better :stuck_out_tongue: … zombies got created by human scantest in the early days before the Apocalypse . the virus spread killing almost everyone . human tried to fight back but the zombie kept growing in numbers eventually out numbering human . GARRY Crop that created the virus made a island . wher the where trying to find out the best way to fight the zombies . so the started sending people to the island with nothing but a torch and a rock . and no memories of what or who the where. many died in the begging but thanks to the re spawn option that was not a issue eventually zombies died out by the hands of the island inhabitants , but then something went wrong the virus hade evolved and that how Mutant animals where created , then human that where alive wiped them out . Somehow everyone died in garry corp . leaving everyone in the island . at random times a week the island wipes and there is a new island making people restart for survival . thankfully no more virus :stuck_out_tongue: .

what i think happened to garry corp is that a mutant chicken went in under a fence and got in and killed everyone in garry corp . in the control room where the where keeping an eye on the people on the island there was a BIG red button . the chicken presses it and it drops chicken food so it does that every time it wants more food . making the island wipe and makes a new seed for the island. not sure why it would drop chicken food . maybe one of the scientist hade a chicken as a pet ? maybe it betrayed him :open_mouth:

Zombies were never intended to be a part of Rust. Well, the human zombies, at least.

The fluffy chickens are a different story.

I like the idea that it is a prison some 50,000 years into the future, where you are sentenced to endless cycle of life and death.

I think it’s interesting that the only two country t-shirts that were officially released are of Germany and Russia. I think Garry is trying to communicate.