A bit too many wolves...

I just played on the dev server and spawned with 10-15 wolves in under 25m, is this as intended


We don’t know what’s intended honestly. Just that this looks like the replacement for zombies. Just a new delivery mechanism for the loot a zombie would normally drop. The spawn rates and other parameters will probably need some tweaking like most other new adds.

Im ok with it either way, as long as they decide before moving it to live so that some people dont get an advantage one the first day or so and then they get nerfed.

That’s actually quite beautiful. Being attacked by a pack of mutant wolves! Talk about survival now!

Yup, exactly as intended. Rust has advanced from alpha to release candidate in 24 hours, it is now a wolfpack hunt simulator, 1.0 release is Monday.

Wow! I never expected that they could do this!
Can’t wait to play Wolfpack hunt simulator 1.0 monday <3_<3

Poe’s Law dictates that I confirm that I’m joking, because I can’t tell if you fell for it or are playing along.

i think the devs are on drugs