A black man dragging a white woman to a dumpster.



Poor bat :C

you’re racist

Ryu-Gi got perma’d he won’t see this.

Whoa, whoa, wait, seriously?!

Where, when, and how?


I’m 12 and what is this


Tis a sad day for the shocking poses thread, he told of a pose that was never posted…

He will get unbanned sometime. He probably has a post in refugee if a gold wants to check.

It’s kind of too bad really because despite being a psychotic loser at life, he sure provided an odd form of entertainment when you try to decipher whether or not he’s just being a troll or is actually seriously fucked up.

I think it was a mix of both. After he found out he had it made he started trolling.

in what way is this racist

@ OP

its a good pic, i dont like the blood on the bat though.

I’m glad he’s banned.

what is he looking at? the cops who are watching him do it? the wall?

The crazy old lady who throws baskets of dirty laundry at her neighbors.

That’s my grandmother :o

No, that’s my mother.

well that means you’re my parent D=

WHY? did Windows media player play an epic song when I red that?
I was just reading and saw your post, and BANG! epic music :ohdear:
Yet he was kinda entertaining, but I’ve no doubt he’ll be back.