A Bosmer's Tale

-snipped and moved to the Creationism Corner. Read the new thread here.-

This section is for GMod comics, not oblivion comics.
Sorry, man, but you’ll have to take this elsewhere.

This section has had stuff using other games in the past. If it’s gonna be moved, it’ll be moved, but I’d rather not trash the whole thing and repost somewhere else if I don’t have to.

EDIT: Although… Argh, now you’ve got me worrying. :saddowns:

I’m afraid Zeeky is right, that comic looks good tho, so just wait and see if the mods react or not.

Yeah, I may wind up moving to this to another section, as this is the “Garry’s Mod” section. Creationism Corner maybe?

Sounds like a plan. Glad we could solve this peacefully.