A Brave Soldier Stands Alone Agianst Impossible Odds.

I will begin by saying, this is a test. I don’t know but for reasons beyond my understandin I had to post this. No I am not trolling, if you think I am lying you can go suck a fat one. Enjoy this dramatic single tale and tell me what you think.


[sp]I guess I will tell you what this is really about sometime[/sp]

that is absolutely amazing

I think I understand what you’re testing.


And if I’m right then it is going precisely as planned.


I was right.

Our patience?

Just kid, Just kid, dirty boy.

What is it you are testing anyway? New effect?

Dear god that’s your best work yet.

This is a masterpiece!
shut down all threads!

i understand you completely man here let me explain to all you unenlightened ones

ok so you know that you just have some off days you know what im sayin like that one time you couldnt get it up in front of her at the special moment so in a black rage you rampage through your house in a pair of dripping boxers and at that very moment find a moldy eggroll under the kitchen counter? yeah so of course because i obviously wasnt in the best state of mind i inspected this old, rotting moldy chicken fetus confection and decided the best course of action to take was to jam my cock right through it and show it to the girl in my room whos obviously kinda confused as to what the fuck just happened so yeah heres how it went let me set the scene for you this chick is just butt naked in there on my bed sittin down thinking “this guy is such a scrub” until all of a sudden i break down the door and triumphantly wave my cock, eggroll skin hanging and everything and let out a fucking war cry and charge her with my previously flaccid egg dick the end

I wonder what you are testing :stuck_out_tongue:



Sums up todays pictures pretty well


Cari what the fuck are you rambling about

The drugs just started to kick in for Cari I think :razz:

Lol. I have several people on steam asking me what this is about.

I’m pretty sure I know it :buddy:

[sp]Tilt shifting ? [/sp]

This can be about wolfe not getting laid. If so, he is the zombie and the sanctimonious slut is the solider. If my analysis is in error, disregard this post:)

How did you know?

He will not survive.

He’s probably testing if people only care about editing and not poseing.

Quite a good guess there old chap.

I’d agree, he’s got 4 arties already :v:

The voices in my head told me. But they also told me my wife would be beautiful and my children smart, so perhaps one should wait and see before putting to much trust in them:)

what if you guys are over thinking this