A Bridge too Far

As British division has to cross a bridge to assault germen trenches http://filesmelt.com/dl/ww_marne0007.jpg


Okay, stop using the same blast. Your editing already looks half-canned from the fact that the explosion is cut off at the bottom and you pasted it three times over.

And blurring the entire image doesn’t really help.

i know but it the really the only i could find that fit the pic

We’ve seen it used in your previous image, it’s best that you either look up a newer explosion or that you should focus on improving camera angles and improving on more simpler effects.

As I mentioned, your attempts at editing in blasts totally kills the image.

Google images “Mortar Blast” fourth one.

you should edit them and try to erase the edge marks, also try to make them not look the same… good try

That doesn’t even look like the “Bridge too far” area. Last time I saw the movie and the map in Hidden and Dangerous 2 and in Call of Duty there was a big ass bridge and more than one building and I thought it was the Germans invading the British in the mission and the Germans had halftracks and light armor.

Also the movie “Bridge too Far” was a great movie. I recommend looking at it.


That’s black and white.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this guy’s picture is color.

I’m not saying his dust explosions look any good though.

If you edit it properly you can give it color, it’s easier to have it black and white in the first place because you can add color.

thanks i redit it

Looks like diarrhea poping out the ground. :v:

Doesn’t look like Asia.


In reference to the actual film.

While your editing is not the best, the posing is fantastic and well varied. Also I am glad someone other than myself is using the WW1 Source maps.

thanks well i going to redit it so different motor blast. I got some of it done i still look for more blast to add

Why is it so dark?

i think it my light setiings well im redoing

I like it, it’s not bad but the dof is terrible.

Honestly, I’m sure the posing was great, but it’s too dark and shaky to see any of it.