A Brief History Of Art


That’s a damn sexy gnome.

Pretty much sums up all those idiots who think their idiotic troll or nude Garrys Mod poses are “Art”.

Butthurter’s stuff isn’t meant to be art, i don’t think. It’s just meant to make you think ‘what’

At least he doesn’t try to defend it stupidly and claim it IS art. Or if he does then i haven’t seen it.

I love this.

True that.
Im correcting my post.

Haha, brilliant.

my superDOF isn’t working for me :frogbon:

^ Informative

So you would go ahead and claim that this isn’t art?

Stop proving me wrong. Now im editing my post for the second time. :frown:

no dont use that one, use the horses one, that one is art

yes,this is art…but this:

looks like damien rice

Pretty much sums it up