A bright night

First time, I planned to change color of sky, but I left it as origin. Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


All of them are from scenebuild. Spam some light bulbs and lamps, but no bloom or color mod.


I enjoy it! really nice


Lovely, very atmospheric. The blue light seemingly out of nowhere just cutting in all of a sudden on the very left looks a bit out of place though. Accidental physgun?

That’s a REALLY bright moon

I like it. But the skybox building just doesn’t look good with the car, I mean look at the car and then the door. Otherwise, love the editing.

Wow. Great scenebuild. I love it.

whoa! heavy scenebuild. impressive!

Actually, I put blue light at the edge of scene, becuase it’s too dark over there. I moved my character far away from the scene.

I had thought about place some vehicles otherwise the road looks empty. Maybe, I did wrong scale about the car. Thanks for comment.

Very beautiful! I like what you did, may I ask what map you used?

I use gm_stomycove as a background.

Its perfectly done Dinnyforst, you really hit it on the head on this one.