A British section moves into a German Trench

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Working more into the WWI series.
Can’t really find a way to get colors changed OUTSIDE the game on GIMP.

C&C Please.

nice job, but for some reason, the pic looks bland… as in colors

WW1 wasn’t an exciting war

I like your WWI pics so far. They’re quite interesting, keep it up!

WWI Poses :ghost: Zerax’s looks more cinematic, but anyways as said above WWI poses are different and, well new to me on here. so yeah…keep doing them.

I wasn’t really aiming it to have a cinematic feel…

as great as the other screen with trench, but i still think you need a badass sergeant to shout the order. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very sexy.

Pretty nice. Good to see a military pose different from the masses. Mess about with colours and contrast more though, and maybe change the skybox a little bit because I really did think I was looking at the original, unedited picture for a second.

I like the posing and the mood of the picture.

Yes, yes it was.


You should add some planes or artillery shells flying in the air, or atleast bullets wizzing past the tops of the trenches.

Could you link me to the models and map?

The map was from WWI Source and the model was from Taggarts uber pack of DOD models.


There’s the Brits & Germans, the Lee Enfield is in my company of heroes weapons pack, and as for the map… I don’t know what map that is.


Oh, and epic pose there Caboose.

Just to be a little off-topic here, bloo you wouldn’t mind PMing or linking me to that pack would you? I’m not complete without it :’(

inorite? the soldeers were pretty much jus sittin in wholez sleepin right?

In all seriousness I’m sure my great grandfather was pretty bored when his leg got blown off in the Somme.

I’m so sick of people shrugging off WWI like it was an unimportant war. It saw the end of an era, people! It brought about new ideas never thought of, and up until that point it was the deadliest war ever fought. A WORLD war.