A Broken Fireteam

A scene inspired by Halo: Envoy.

By the way, major thanks for helping me out with this one!

Some background:

Humanity’s war with the Covenant has ended, yet civil war rages in orbit above the planet Carrow.

Classified as a “joint-occupation zone,” this outer colony is called home by both Humans and Sangheili. A vast desert divides the capital city of each species: an effort to encourage peacetime coexistence, watched from afar by the UNSC and the Swords of Sangheilios. The humans rebuilt Suraka - bombarded to glass during the Covenant war - and the Sangheili created the keep of Rak. Both sides lost everything in the Human-Covenant war, neither trusts the other, and tensions have boiled over. On the day before peace negotiations between Suraka’s governor (who idealizes an “Independent Colony” outside of UNSC control), the UNSC, and the Sangheili, a radical Sangheili faction lead by Thars 'Sarov attacked Suraka and severed its ability to call for UNSC aid. A bloody battle ensued as Thars and the human-allied Fleetmaster Rojka 'Kasaan slugged it out ship-for-ship in orbit. The Surakan militia could only watch as the fate of their planet was decided above them.

In the chaos of battle, the Spartans of Grey Team crashed landed in Carrow’s desert with a UNSC diplomat that was embedded on Rojka’s ship before fighting broke out. With all of his fleet destroyed, an enraged Rojka returned to Carrow’s surface with the last of his forces to hunt down and kill these Spartans/“Demons” (and for very good reason). Meanwhile, Thars and his equally obliterated forces chase Rojka down so that he can win their civil war and claim Carrow for the Sangheili. While all of this is going on, a Brute mercenary ship with its own agenda broke off and started razing Suraka. The whole situation is a cluster, all anyone can do at this point is survive.

Uncropped, no levels adjustments:

I don’t trust my monitor, so here’s a few more contrast and levels adjustments to various extremes: https://imgur.com/a/j251y