A building idea!

So I’ve got an idea for building, many times it has happened that I have placed something and immediatly hated it, I think that when you place something down, it should go in this building phase for about 10-180 seconds, depends on what you have placed, and in that building phase, there would be an animation for it like colors changing or something and you could cancel it and pick it back up while its being built! Please post, if you like the idea or what you don’t like about it!

Ever heard of the expression “Measure twice, cut once”?

Did now

Yes, I have, and it’s applicable here. Anyone that’s ever worked in 3D design knows that it’s incredibly difficult to accurately visualize something in 3D from an initial 2D sketch, and near impossible to do so from an idea, and considering it’s not a matter of working with polygons; you’re working with preset blocks and you have very significant limitations, short of actually creating something, you’re gonna have a bad time knowing what it’s gonna look like beforehand.

Google Sketchup