A bunch of maps that I've made but not really finished. [Large Images]

I’m not entirely sure if I should be posting this as a new thread, but here goes nothing.

Floating cubes connected by ramps, was going to be a series of maps spanning CSS, TTT and ZPS. Snipers and SMGs were prevalent


Actually made for Trouble in Terrorist Town but with a de_ designation, would’ve worked as a CSS map with some tweaks. Lots of small spaces and close quarters.


de_gulag’s successor, made with better mapping skills and TTT layout. More open but still mostly close quarters.


A Meeting room fit with lobby, giant meeting table, server room, and indoor pool made for the gaming community ConjointGaming. Not built for actual gameplay.



A large cliffed in area with multiple bunkers and a nuclear silo, displacements and a dryspell of ideas killed this one. Would’ve been a mixture of close quarters and long range.




A hostage map built for CSS using a Minecraft style and textures. Features a button that opens the hostage door. Fast paced.


If people want download links I will give them, but seeing as I’m an amateur and none of these are really finished, I assumed not many people would want them.
Fun Fact: only the first two have actually been played on.

Its very nice , but the most what I like it was the pool

To be perfectly frank, the one with the cliffs is appalling. The others could do with a lot of work as well, such as reducing the blockiness and improving your lighting.

The swimming pool would look alright if not for that ceiling. Sorry for the harsh words, but I prefer to be honest.

You all can give rate him with Mapping King becouse he try to make something nice for us .

I would really like that Snow one, Do you mean by download as in the VMF? Because if you do, I would like to edit it and fix it, Add things etc and give you most of the credit!

Where did you find that frosted glass for the pool’s roof?

RealWorldTextures pack

Yes, the VMF. And Sure, I’m not doing anything with it anyway.