A bunch of models I'd like help on.

Well, I have a huge number of models from megaman Legends, and various n64 games, and I’d like some help to get them into garrys mod, can anyone help me out?


I have the models for everything on here, and some extras lying around.

Bump for support!

It shouldn’t be a hard task for objects, vehicles and some of the robots, but I don’t think the Humans are worth rigging… unless someone smooths the models a bit.

I hope someone is up for the task.

random humans sure, but I know some people really want the main characters.

They are in 3ds for the most part, some are in obj though.

Hey, if you can make a .zip file containing the models (and their textures) that you want the most, and post the link in this thread, I will make a few of them.
I suggest you do the same for the rest that you want done, as people will be more likely to complete your request if they do not have to hunt for your models.

Also, this probably belongs in the request section.

I can do that, but it’ll take me a bit since I need to get them all together.