A bunch of pictures i made while banned

So yeah i was banned for a week or 2.I decided to post all the stuff i made while banned.Most of them are for shits and giggles.

1:Don’t you hate when you play with complete noobs on L4D? This really happened to me.
I was being pounced by a hunter while louis was idle and francis was incapped,not aiming at the hunter and zoey didn’t know how to help incapped people. (BTW,i know my bubbles sucks)

A Hitman’s hideout

From a pigeon perspective

The last medkit (intended to edit it)


Subtlety and Strength

have fun editing some if you want.

I like the medkit one.

LOL at the 4th pic. That pigeon in pic 3 looks like it’s up to something.

medkit…hahahaha oh man… makes me laugh

The medkit one and the first one were the best. I love Louis’s face in pic 1. Sadly he’s about that useful in-game.

2nd picture

silencer + shotgun = dumb

You’re just jealous because you didn’t think of it first.

How is it a dumb idea.

Silenced Shotgun:
cocks shotgun thub

cocks shotgun**BOOM!

How the hell would a silencer work with a shotgun?

It don’t. Let’s just say I wouldn’t shoot that gun.

4’th picture > all.

Hitman’s hide out: No cheytac intervention I am dissapoint.

Actually, yes it does. There are specially made silencers for shotguns.

Also, first pic made me lol.

watch No Country for old Men to find out