A bunch of pictures.

So… Most of these are boring as fuck.
“I shouldn’t talk to strangers”



“It’s right there waiting for us”


Running stances practice

“walking down a corridor”


Recon team photo

“Preparing before the round begins”



“crime scene investigation”


Fyi, this is work of 2 months together.

The lighting in Evacuation 2 is beautiful.

Yeah, I tried to follow weenur’s instructions about sharpness.

Evac 2 is pretty cool.

Holy crap that one guy looks just like me, only without glasses.

last very good.

Boring, but in a very good way. Love 'em <3

What are the models used in Evac 2 (If you remember)?

The “Recon Team Photo” scares me a little. But otherwise, the rest are great.

They Are argry man’s battle:la marines. Thanks.