A bunch of Rebels escort a VIP refugee.


I don’t even know if the grit applies to sun-lit areas.

Anyways C&C

The ground looks really ugly, and the rocks in the sand aren’t casting a shadow, all the white lines on the weapons bug me, along with how shiny the rebels are

I dig the lighting.

The upper part looks really empty, if you crop it and just leave the rebels I think it would look awesome.

Why’s he so important? Wait I know him.
He invented electricity, right?

Barney and one rebel are looking at dat ass (hostage’s one)

Dat ass.

Nice picture.

I really like this.

If I were to edit this picture, the only thing I would’ve edited would be the ground, as in blur the ground because you’re not focusing on the ground, you’re focusing on the VIP and the Rebels.

the goal to grit is to have as much crap cluttered on screen as possible (smoke, grain, lots of objects and details) yet have the image isolate the subjects. DOF doesn’t do a very good job in grit but it can be achieve if you obviously leave a lot of cluster in the depthed area. fog works best, however. you can keep the entire background visible like it is now but if you used the in-game fog tool you could have easily isolated the foreground. if you stuck smoke on the ground by using the smoke tool you could have isolated the foreground + have the ability to add on vignetting on the bottom to remove some of the lack of detail and create more cluster.

I’ve been sucking off this tutorial for the past few screenshots I posted. http://photoshopfrenzy.com/?p=94

And the sDOF makes my own Gmod crash with the particle effects in the shot, including the smoke. So I guess I’ll slap on some vignetting next time to compensate for the lack of the DoF.