A bunch of Russians approach a German bridge leading to UnicornLand.


Yeah, I finally got time to get some shots in.


Am I the only one to see a dolphin on this picture?

Anyway, nice atmosphere!


Took me quite some time but I finally spotted what could look like a dolphin diving, so nah, not anymore. :v:
Nice picture, I love the posing on those russians!

It’s just a curiously shaped tree root, move along.

It’s so dark.


I don’t get the Unicorn Land part, but nice posing.

Well gee, I thought that’s how night operates.

Now that we’ve waited for daylight to come, would anyone mind telling me where that dolphin is? I’m not seeing it.


very good

It’s that tree in the middle of the picture. It has a branch jutting forth from it, making it look like there’s a dolphin tail.